Mercedes Romera Martinez
Counselling & Psychotherapy





I provide counselling and psychotherapy services to individuals in Lisbon under the framework of Casa de Alba. I work under supervision in a multidisciplinary team of qualified psychologists and psychotherapists, and I specialise in expatriates.

About me

I am an enthusiastic, warm, compassionate and respectful person, who is passionate about human connections and wellbeing. I enjoy looking at things in a different way and finding novel solutions to any challenge.

I have lived and worked around the globe, in countries such as Tokyo, Ireland, Madrid, Paris and London, where I spent over twenty years in high responsibility jobs across Asia and Europe with a successful career in Marketing and Advertising.

However, I always dreamt of a career where I could actually make a real difference. So, I followed my heart into my true vocation, psychotherapy, a profession that allows me to help people get the most out of their lives.

Over the years, my endless curiosity and passion have led me to a better understanding of people, cultures, and human behaviour. This has proved to be a great asset in my psychotherapy work, as my goal is to help people to achieve their true potential.

I am also a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor accredited by Amrit Nam Sarovar (ANS), and I regularly practice mindfulness and meditation. This helps me connect with people in a deeper and more authentic way, supporting the process of deep healing and personal transformation.


My approach

I provide an unprejudiced, open-minded space where my clients are at the centre of therapy. My role is to assist them explore their concerns. The aim is to overcome challenges, negative self-beliefs, past trauma and difficult experiences and to promote mental health, resilience and wellbeing, so that life becomes more fulfilling and joyful.  

My approach is integrative meaning that I am able to combine various therapeutic tools and techniques to fit the specific needs of each person. I consider that therapy is a joint enterprise, therefore the relationship works as a collaborative partnership – where both of us, therapist and client, contribute to the relationship. I offer both short and longer-term psychotherapy. I have also trained in Transpersonal therapy.

My understanding of cross-cultural issues, my multilingual skills (I speak English, Spanish and French and I am currently learning Portuguese) coupled with my multiculturalism allow me to provide psychological support to different kind of people from various nationalities in diverse circumstances.

As well as that, my knowledge of the corporate world has proven precious when dealing with work-related issues such as stress, withdrawal behaviours, conflict, change, burn out, and many more detrimental states of health. During the sessions, my clients can explore and identify the triggers to workplace conflict and eventually improve their coping strategies for dealing with conflict more effectively. 



I worked at the Palliative Day Unit of Saint John’s Hospice in London in a volunteer basis providing emotional support to people diagnosed with terminal illnesses, such as HIV, cancer, renal failure, and multiple sclerosis who were suffering from depression, anxiety and isolation. 

Within the scope of the discipline of psychotherapy, I regularly collaborate with the Lisbon Support Unit for Migrant and Discrimination Victims of the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV).

I currently work under the framework of Romão de Sousa Foundation, through their democratic therapeutic community, Casa de Alba, that offers a wide range of psychological therapies, medical and psychosocial interventions to help people improve their quality of life.



MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy 

Metanoia Institute validated by the Middlesex University.

Current training programme, London, UK.


Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy 

Centre for Counselling & Psychotherapy Education (CCPE). 

Completed the 1st year of CCPE’s Diploma training, London, UK. 


Imago Relationship Therapy 

Basic Clinical Training, London, UK.


Connected Parents, Thriving Kids

The Imago Programme to Parenting, London, UK.


Counselling Skills 

The Minster Centre, London, UK.


Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Level One- Accredited by Amrit Nam Sarovar (ANS), London, UK.


International Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Instituto de Empresa, Madrid, Spain.


Economic Science Degree

University of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain. 


International Marketing & Languages

Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland.


An initial assessment session with Prof. João G. Pereira, Clinical Director of Romão de Sousa Foundation and Doctorate in Psychotherapy by Middlesex University is required. The charge for this first session is 60 Euros.

Subsequent therapy sessions will be charged 30 Euros.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length and take place once a week, usually at the same time and on the same day. 


Call for an appointment today!

Phone: +351 935 563 277

Email: mercedes.therapy@gmail.com

Address: Rua Andrade Corvo, 50, 3º Dto,

1050-009 Lisbon, Portugal

If I am unable to answer the phone, please, kindly leave a voicemail with your name and your telephone number and I will get back to you as shortly as possible. 

All enquiries are treated confidentially.

If there is a particular area in your life that you would like to improve, or you are just looking for ways to live a more joyful and meaningful life, message me, I will be happy to explore the possibility of working with you and help you rediscover your own true power.